Root Canal Therapy

Endodontic Treatments in Centralia, WA

Root Canal Therapy in Centralia, WA - Cascade Family Dental CenterA root canal is a definitive way to prevent tooth loss and relieve pain when the nerve inside a tooth becomes infected or exposed by decay or injury. Our goal at Cascade Family Dental Center is to preserve your tooth and eliminate pain caused by an infected tooth.

After applying anesthetic to the area around the damaged tooth, we remove the infected tissue, or pulp, from the tooth’s interior. Next, we place a sterile filler inside the canals. Finally, we will typically place a crown on the tooth to seal it.

Root canal therapy can allow you to keep the tooth, avoid having an extraction, and relieve your acute discomfort. Call our office now at (360) 736-5040 to make an appointment for a comprehensive evaluation.