Minimal Sedation

Sedation Dentistry in Centralia, WA

Dental Sedation in Centralia, WA - Cascade Family Dental CenterWe understand that many patients experience dental anxiety, so we always go the extra mile to keep you as comfortable as possible. These efforts include offering sedation when appropriate. Our sedation options are gentle, safe, and can help you relax during dental procedures.

Nitrous oxide gas is one of our options. This gas has been safely used in dentistry for many years. It provides mild anesthetic and relaxation effects. Nitrous oxide is quickly reversed once the procedure is completed, and it will not leave you feeling groggy.

For more intense cases of dental anxiety, we also offer diazepam (Valium). Diazepam relieves anxiety when taken before your appointment. You will need a responsible adult to transport you to and from our office.

For more information on our minimal sedation options or to schedule a visit, call us at (360) 736-5040.