Digital Implant Planning

Advanced Technology for Dental Implants in Centralia, WA

Digital Implant Planning in Centralia, WA - Cascade Family Dental CenterDental implants are the newest form of permanent teeth replacement. Most dentists and patients also believe that implants are the best teeth replacement option in the majority of cases. However, dental implant placement is a specialized procedure and requires experience and precision.

At Cascade Family Dental Center, we use digital planning to ensure your dental implants are placed accurately. Standard dental x-rays are certainly useful, but digital mapping provides the exact location of teeth, bone, blood vessels, and nerves. A digital guide can then be used in the form of a cut-out that assists with navigation during your implant placement.

We have adopted the latest technology at Cascade Family Dental Center to ensure we’re providing you with the best care possible. For more information about dental implants, please call us at (360) 736-5040.